Sunday, July 22, 2018

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PEN-PAY LLC began as a payroll service bureau in 1999 whose parent company is Pen-Cal Administrators Inc. Pen-Cal is one of the leading national third party administrators in the qualified and non-qualified pension and retirement plan market.

Through the years as we continued to experience growth, we have responded to our customer’s requests to bring them additional products and services that could benefit their business needs. PEN-PAY achieved its initial expansion beyond payroll by introducing cafeteria, retirement and other group benefit products to our clients. This was followed by offering Premium Only Plans and Transportation Reimbursement Plans (Section 132).

Now, in addition to payroll, tax filing, retirement plans, FSA, Premium Only Plans and Transportation Reimbursement Plans, we also offer a comprehensive suite of products and services to our expanding client base.

Our staff is made up of payroll, human resources, tax filing, employee benefits, and retirement planning professionals whose deep backgrounds in their specialty all serve to add exceptional value and accessibility to our clients. Each has in-depth knowledge and expertise garnered from an average tenure of over 12 years in their area of expertise.

Our clients tell us that what they most appreciate about us is the following:

  • Personable, accessible, and competent staff to support your requirements
  • Integrated, competitive, and feature-rich suite of applications
  • Pricing that is fair and provides a powerful value equation
  • Training, both to your own staff, and employees where appropriate
  • After sale support is what distinguishes us and provides high retention rates
  • Accessibility to a real person, not a call center, fosters continuity

As we have expanded from payroll into retirement services, employee benefits, FSA, Premium Only Plans, Transportation Reimbursement Plans, our value to our clients continues to strengthen. We invite you to contact us to see if there might be a way we can serve your needs as well.