Sunday, July 22, 2018

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Payroll—PEN-PAY is accurate, timely, and dependable. In short: hassle free.

PEN-PAY provides clients a very strong, accurate, timely, dependable solution that is merely the starting point of our overall payroll capabilities. Our payroll service offering is built upon two foundations: a strong and ongoing commitment to customer service, and state of the art systems capabilities. When customers join us, they are given a single logon portal to access all our product platforms including payroll, HRIS, and pension applications. Offering full interface synchronization, our technology ensures that changes made in one system are updated in the others to avoid multiple manual updates.

PEN-PAY is built on the foundation of providing our clients with a single point of contact. When providing multiple products and services, we eliminate the silo mentality that exists with many of our competitors. Customers are given the direct dial number for our staff so they can always reach the person they need. Our customer service focus in serving the needs of our clients has enabled us to enjoy a much higher than average retention rate.

Implementation Process — we begin with our thorough implementation process. This includes providing our clients with a detailed spreadsheet checklist of data required to complete the implementation and when it is due. This tool is used between both organizations to facilitate information flow, requirements, due dates, and status notes.

Conversion Process — our thorough conversion and implementation processes are designed to lift the burden of a transition from our client’s staff. We use, wherever permissible, automation tools to extract data from your current payroll processing environment and transfer that information directly into our systems. The result is an efficient process that focuses on a smooth, orderly and accurate transition that reduces the possibility of errors.

On-Going Training and Support — our training program for our clients doesn’t stop after the first payroll is processed. We work very closely with each client to make sure that the client staff is fully trained on payroll and HRIS. We provide unlimited training sessions and will gladly train replacement personnel on short notice if there is turnover at your location.

Systems Capabilities — in addition to focusing on strong customer support, our payroll solution offers the following systems capabilities:

  • Web-based payroll solution
  • The pre-process register is a unique feature in our payroll system offering clients instant on-demand access to a fully calculated payroll register showing gross to net calculations for each check in the payroll batch.
  • Real-time calculation of each paycheck as it is being viewed
  • Paperless payroll—no need to print reports or rely on forms
  • If desired, employees can have on-line access to view pay-stubs and see their current payroll deductions and direct deposit elections
  • Unlimited direct deposit processing
  • Interface solution for a wide array of employee time clock systems
  • Reliance on historical data—our system allows for access to prior years payroll information. We don’t require our clients to archive into in prior year or to generate paper reports to document prior year’s payroll. In addition our payroll database retains information for both active and terminated employees.
  • Strong Report Generation Capability—including the ability to customize most reports.
  • Our report generation system doesn’t require our clients to spend their valuable time in report writer school. Our system comes equipped with a large selection of standard report formats. In addition our report writer is so easy to use that training is typically done in less than half an hour.  Report data can be exported to Excel on demand.

Payroll Login


Payroll Login


PEN-PAY supports all federal, state, county, and locality tax calculations and filing requirements both by jurisdiction approved forms/reports, and where permissible, electronic filing. Our clients enjoy the benefit of hassle-free month, quarter, and year end without having to lift a finger, as we do all tax filing and compliance work. Tax updates are constantly being updating in the software to insure compliance at every level.

An important feature for larger clients is the ability to create a direct interface between payroll and tax transaction activity and the general ledger system. PEN-PAY brings an experienced staff and provides dedicated resources that will allow for successful general ledger integration.